WINVN– one of the biggest start-up companies in providing dried fruits from the South of Vietnam. With the goal of becoming a pioneer in the field of dried fruits, we pay our attention to the best quality as well as customer satisfaction. Therefore, our premium products  always achieve global certification of ISO and HACCP, FDA (We would like to send you all certificates if needed) . The production expense of our company is always competitive and we ensure efficient productivity.We have experience in exporting to the US, Poland,... and would like to open the market.

We are very glad to know that you are looking for suppliers who can provide you with a good quality of dried mango (no added sugar/ 5% added sugar).

Below are some pictures of our dried mango (100% natural mango) :

Soft dried mango with 5% sugar

Beside that, at this time, we have many types of products: 

Dried papaya low sugar

Dried red dragon fruit no sugar

Dried jackfruit low sugar

Dried Guava low sugar

Here are some picture of our factory:

The packaging will be performed as your require:

Therefore I would like to contact you and discuss with you more about your order.

I hope we will have long term cooperation and a successful business. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!